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So, my first week of school comes sort of to a middle. I've been to all but one of my classes and it's dawned on me what exactly I signed up and payed money for. I won't lie. It's sort of just a bit terrifying. Especially with work right now. (Apparently 40h + 36h = 76h) I'm not taking math this semester, but if I was, I'd automatically pass for figuring out that equation. Alternatively expressed, it's something like (full time job + full time student = when the hell am I going to sleep and like shower and stuff?). My job isn't mentally demanding or anything, I mean how hard is it to shove paper into folders? It's tedious and destroys your hands and makes your soul weep at the little metal tongie things that hold things in folders. And two hole punches make me weep on sight. But otherwise, not that bad. It just takes time. Like it's really more than forty hours because the soul sucking bastards make me take an hour for lunch and like apparently expect me to do basic hygiene in the mornings, which takes at least half an hour, if I really really hurry. So now I'm hiding in the 'telephone room' to get some privacy to do homework without people asking 'hey, what you doing?' And then I'm all like 'homework' hoping the look on my face says, 'no offense but GTFO and STFU.' With my luck it probably translates, 'I just ate at the cafeteria and have to go to the bathroom.' *Shrug* Oh well. My classes, in direct contrast to my job are awesome. Wicked crazy challenging, but totally awesome. Thank God I pay for the school, and not the job. Although, really I'm getting a great deal right now, thanks to the bone crunching poverty of 2005. Never really thought I'd be so darned thankful for a lousy fiscal period. But it certainly worked out this time. At least, barring unforseen stuff. But it's as of yet unforseen, so I'm going to attempt positive belief. (English teachers make me lol).


Nov. 15th, 2005 11:44 am
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I am so glad I drank last night. I wasn't drunk or anything but it knocked me out enough so that I actually slept around 2 or 3 instead of 5 or 6 this morning. This came in handy as I got an 8AM wake up call from the Temp Agency asking me to get my tookus up and to an assignment. (Yay money!) Having had some sleep I was not comatose! So now, I am working at the front desk of the bank again. It's so flattering to be requested even on short notice for just the one day. I'm still pretty tired and the remains of my cold are a drag, but hey I'm out of the house making money. :D

Speaking of being sick... I'm really happy it happened now. Usually my holiday cold happens more inconvienently, like the year I was sick all through Thanksgiving... last years delightful Christmas extravaganza... opening day of Lord of the Rings... that sucked, possibly more than Thanksgiving sick and Christmas sick combined. I still went, coz let us face facts, I'm a geek... and it would have taken a coma to keep me home. I brought kleenex and cough supressing suckers, coz my friend threatened to kill me if I coughed my way through the movie. I was bundled up tightly and looked ready for being stranded in the Antartic... in California... I may have gotten more funny looks than people in costume. I have to admit though LotR on cold meds and feverish was pretty awesome... :D But I don't have to worry this year. I'm already in recovery from my cold. *knock on wood* That means I can go to midnite Harry Potter, if I can figure out transportation AND I should be fine by Thanksgiving weekend, which will be crazy busy since my Gramma is in town, that Saturday we're having a small get together to scream at the tv (Notre Dame is playing Stanford), and then my dad is celebrating another year he's managed to remain alive. So, all I have to do is keep getting better, and find a job. :D And no dreading the holiday sick and miserable blues.

Speaking of misery... does anyone else find this odd? My brother's ex-girlfriend (total psycho, complete evil) is now working at our Walgreen's. She doesn't even live near us that I know of (please God let her not live here too) and the Walgreen's is just down the road from us. We frequently go there to acquire pills and cheaply priced novelty items. My mom was there to retrieve a prescription last night and she 'ran into' her there. The crazy girl actually hugged my mom and acted as though we don't all completely dislike her and said, "I knew it was only a matter of time before I ran into one of you!!!" This seems insane and mildly stalker like. Ugh, now I can't go there at night... She better not take over seven-eleven. Sevie is sacred to my people...
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Since I have like no attention span and the current ooh shiny obsession is my journal at RvB. Ahem. Sorry. :D And now a bunch of my attention is totally on Browncoats and my crew, /pin giu, or in English roughly, shouting movie crew. On top of that, the strange people who employ me expect me to work... forty hours of the fourty hours they pay me to work. What is up with that man?! Just kidding. Early to bed early to rise.. only way I get to work coherent and on time. crap distracted again...


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