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Jul. 4th, 2011 11:47 pm
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Happy Fourth.

Since graduating, I spent a little while wallowing while trying to figure out the whole having to find a new job thing. This may have been aided slightly by my totally totaling my brother's car during a freak June rainstorm. I'm okay, he has a new, better car, but it was very dramatic and stressful. Eventually, I landed bass ackwards in a weird temp job that is many hours and lots of ambiguity. It's only fourty hours a week, but the commute was upwards of an hour and a half which made everything very tired all the time. 

Today we spent an hour sitting on our lawn eating ice cream and listening to explosions. It was nice. Hopefully we'll get more use out of our lawn (we got free sod, installed it ourselves in like 8 hours the week after graduation) as our neighbors are loud, annoying and numerous. They insist on congregating on their driveway which abuts our fence and yelling their heads off. I'm not sure what the polite way to ask them to go to their own backyard is, so we have said nothing as of yet. 

I may actually resume posting (I know, promises, promises) now that I'm out of school.


Oct. 5th, 2009 10:51 am
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I'm really enjoying the advent of Autumn, despite the fact that it heralds the start of 'wear every item in your wardrobe' mode of dress. Maybe this time I'll buy myself some great thin and warm as the fires of the inferno flannels. Because, I like being comfy, and I like being warm. Summer is harder, because while in winter you can add clothes until you look like you're related to the Pillsbury Dough Boy or a Marshmallow, there's only so much clothing you can get away with NOT wearing when it's super hot.

Went and saw Zombieland this weekend, and I think that I will definitely be seeing that one again. It's sort of like Tremors, with Zombies. Speaking of things that have added zombies, I have read both Pride and Prejudice and Zombies as well as Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters. There's part of my brain that thinks I should have more of a purist leaning, but at the same time... that would be pretty hypocritical given the crazy fanfiction I've read. There's not a lot of integrity you can claim when you've read as many crazy crossovers as I have.

This semester I'm taking five classes, three of which that are crazy intensely difficult, and two of which are sort of not as hard. Of course, they haven't made us do any quizzes or tests in those two, so there's time for me to be completely losing my mind with that. Meanwhile, Osteology and Archaeology of the Far East and the Ancient Maya have been freaking killing me with quizzes. Osteology is a rather difficult class, but I do love it. I pretty much live in the lab whenever there's a chance to be there and I'm not too sick and tired to be usefully occupied. Meanwhile, the teacher is totally awesome. He is one of those people that has the appearance of total confidence in his abilities, without being unproductively arrogant. We've finally gained enough familiarity with the cranial vault structures to attempt assessments of sex, age at death and geographical affinities. Very exciting.

What's new with you all flist?
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Summer school is rough. I spent the holiday weekend cramming more math and science (which incidentally has a lot of math involved as well) into my pretty little girlish head. It was sort of a trip. The following week will be more of the same. Yay? This process involves a carefully haphazard mix of NCIS watching with periods of intense reading accompanied by Baroque Chamber Music. Yee haw.

It's off for my daily 'walking is cheaper than riding the bus' exercise. Thank God for a wide brimmed hat and tennis shoes.
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For those of you that enjoy planning where you'll be when Haley's comet zooms into view or I post a journal entry, today is half your lucky day. I've been keeping pretty busy lately, with school and work and other diverting things. Done a bit of offline journaling/writing (with pen and paper, tres old fashioned ya?) and the occasional online fashion blogging over at East Near West, which seems to be picking up steam again after a brief hiatus. 

I've almost finished shopping for Christmas, which is fantastic. I had to take a whole week with no pay off of work, which is not as fantastic...

Had a tiny wee bit of surgery, from which I am recovering nicely. Working on finals and all the lovely bits of sleepless wonder that go with that... I've been watching Torchwood and Dr. Who, mostly as a background entertainment for my homework/recovery time. And most recently I have been beta-ing the bff's Tinman fic, Breadcrumbs for the Soul in between beating my head against my own fanfic thinly disguised as English paper... Luckily hers is all done, so now it's just a matter of the edits and the postings. It's very good, go read it!

Edited to add actual real working linkage. Oops!


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