Feb. 12th, 2008 06:58 pm
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I feel like I haven't blogged in forever, Quite probably because I haven't. I'm still posting random journals here and there, but nothing too major. Partly because I haven't had much to say and partly because I feel like I have too much to say. Kind of a strange existence living in the fullness of my brain and the emptiness of my tongue. I've started the new semester to great applause, mostly my own, however some of it from the dutiful drabs and dribs in Comm class, as my teacher, the Hippie dictator for life of public speaking commands her minions faithfully to provide encouragement for every instance of appropriate and public speech. Life is her watermelon and we are her little seedlings, to be nourished into wholly misinformed invisible children. My trig teacher, met on the field of mathy battle first thing in the morning, is a great General of Maths. Inspiring us, his troops to delve deep into the mysteries of numbers, not for their useful utility, but for the sheer joy of the struggle. He is a warrior of Math, a philosophist and possesses the inability to wield a hairbrush or spell. It's so fun to find someone with such intensity of purpose and love of their subject, teaching it unyieldingly to a class of silent attentive thralls. I am the only girl in an already small class. I am hard pressed to not laugh loudly and often at his delightful way of talking about "the language of math" and struggle to merely commit to my notes his advise and his affectionate meanderings on life and the mathematician. To him, "Math is a struggle" and is studied "not for the application, but because it's interesting and we love it," and in math, "we always try to speak the truth" because "Math comes from love, not application". Also, he really hates contrived application problems. Meanwhile, one evening a week I drag myself back to campus in the afternoon, on what feels like Friday for my last class, Astronomy, taught by a dynamo of action and excitement, in a short delightedly evil British female professor . Last week, she declared herself god and earth, wherein all good things grow. She speaks in many hyperbolic declarative statements from on high, or rather, low. She's quite short seeming. It's a lovely three hours that still requires I work myself up for considering that it falls right during my natural dinner/nightly mental shut down dormancy. Once I'm there, tis a much nicer proposition.

In just a couple of weeks, I'm going to get to partake of culture, something that has been too frequently absent from life in general aside from the soothing semblance thereof generated by orchestral music and movies recreating the atmospheric conditions in contrast to the rush and bother of everything. We got our tickets to see Giselle in the City, something I'd been hoping would come together for a long time. Ever since I stumbled upon knowledge that it was going to be performed, I wanted to see it, but it didn't seem like it was in the cards with everything else that was happening. It's [profile] teaandauguries' favourite ballet, and as I've heard about it many many times, but aside from one performance of The Nutcracker, I have not been to any ballet not broadcast to my tv. (Looking at you awesome ABC version of Le Corsaire, I do so love your leaping bois) I'm excited. I'm thinking that we should go see one of the simulcast HD satellite screenings of performances from the Met next. Maybe on my birthday, for Wagner's Tristan and Isolde or maybe a little later for Puccini's La Boheme. Hooray for operatic struggle. I find it slightly strange that I'm more (of course more is entirely relative) familiar with opera by personal experience than I am with Ballet... but I was a choir geek, so maybe not so strange. It doesn't add up to much more, The Nutcracker and video of Le Corsaire and various other bits and pieces against Carmen, Cinderella, and the Marriage of Figaro. I've seen more musicals and stage plays than anything... oh, and one Cirque performance. That was cool. Now I want to also go see the Symphony, go to a museum, and take in a hockey game. If only money grew on trees. I think I will go to a museum. The MoMA nearby has an exhibit of Picasso and Goya till April. The Asian Art Museum, of which I have grown exceedingly fond, has some interesting paintings on display starting in February. It gets even more awesome in June, when the Court Treasures of the Ming Dynasty make there way there, and then in October there's an exhibit from the National Museum, in Kabul. So there is more to look forward to.

Meanwhile, Monday was as we say an 'istoric occasion. I sent my boyfriend a Valentine's day present. It was very exciting. The delightfully dyed minion of fedex/kinko's helped me pack everything into a box and put pretty 'Fragile' stickers all over it, taped it shut and after some confusion over the actual address, sent it on its way. More about that after he gets it in the mail, methinks. I'm taking a pretty full load in school but it is not that bad at all and I am looking forward a lot  to the boyfriend coming out in March around my birthday. Went to the dentist, realized that tooth decay is a lot like vampirism and fighting it is a lot like fighting the walking undead, you use a lot of water, sharp pointy things, tiny stakes and UV light. Tiny teeth vampires exist! Fight them with fluoride kids!


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