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So the power supply on my computer is shot to hell. It's making weird noises, getting hot and turning off. So I decided to get a new case and power supply and just transplant the innards from one to the other. I got this badboy... The DiabloTek Phantom. It came down to that or a similar model that lit up all pink with no skull on front. I think it says a lot about my personality... Because it was a really hard choice.

So last night, I went over to my dad's house, as he is an engineer/DIY geek with quite a lot of experience. I think he likes DIY because he can't justify paying someone else to do it. It was fun, good food, good conversation and eventually getting down to the nitty grittys of home pc repair. A couple of hours later after hooking up all the various wires and jumpers to the appropriate places we smiled at each other and plugged in the power, mouse and keyboard. We were gonna see if it worked. Very thrilling. The following conversation that went something like this.

Dad - Okay, time for the 'smoke test.'
Me - Gee father, does a smoke test really involve smoke?
Dad - Well, I've never seen it happen. But I guess it's possible.

Note to self, do not bring this sort of thing up right before you try it. Murphy's Law will kick your ass. He'll coldcock ya'

We pushed the button.

Me - Uh Dad, there's smoke!

My dad rushed to pull out the power cord and open it up again. Luckily, only the floppy was messed up and who really needs one of those. We pulled it and the melted slag of the connecting wires out and tried again. It had a happy ending, but it was one of those moments where a camera would have been great, as the looks on our faces were absolutely priceless. Shock and awe! My new case is otherwise fine! The front is all lit up and it's just hella awesome... :D

smoke test
A test of new or repaired equipment by turning it on. If it smokes... guess what... it doesn't work!


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