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I return with a glorious post about my dinner. Because dasmit it's tasty. Tonight I had salmon, yummy yummy brown sugar and mustard glazed salmon with a side of kidney beans (mmm iron) A half piece of naan, also super tasty, with a cup of green tea and a sweet orange bun for dessert. The salmon was lovingly prepared by the talented [profile] afaeryschild. I don't know the recipe, but mmm. It's good.

Midterms have been completely wonky this term, falling from March all the way through this upcoming week. I don't know if that's particularly usual or what, but it's sort of weirded me out. Monday's English midterm went alright, though I came to the realisation that really, I'm not a fan of grammar. Apparently... I'm not so in love with rules. Especially rules involving the English language. I sort of figure that grammar is like gravity. It's either there, or you're moonwalking. I certainly respect gravity, and very much love that it keeps me with my feet on the ground, but occasionally... I rather wish I could fly instead. Same with English. <--FRAGMENT OMG!!! I have a basic working knowledge of both grammar and gravity, and generally don't let either get the best of me. It's just that every few thousand steps and every few thousand words I clutz out and fall all over myself, landing arse over tea kettle, hoping that I will get a reputation as a physical comedy GENIUS, a real funny kind of gal. Would you believe I sort of kind of really meant to do that? So, my career as a grammar Nazi isn't going to pan out...

Oh well, guess I can always fall back on running away to the circus.


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