May. 25th, 2011 05:16 pm
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So it's over. Graduated with my little bit o' paper. Of course, the little bit of paper probably just leads to more bits of paper if I want to really work in my field, but whatever. That's for later. Did the whole funny cap and gown song and dance last Saturday and now I'm completely at a loss for what to do. I don't have a job, the job I had as a student required that I be a student... So, yeah. 



Oct. 5th, 2009 10:51 am
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I'm really enjoying the advent of Autumn, despite the fact that it heralds the start of 'wear every item in your wardrobe' mode of dress. Maybe this time I'll buy myself some great thin and warm as the fires of the inferno flannels. Because, I like being comfy, and I like being warm. Summer is harder, because while in winter you can add clothes until you look like you're related to the Pillsbury Dough Boy or a Marshmallow, there's only so much clothing you can get away with NOT wearing when it's super hot.

Went and saw Zombieland this weekend, and I think that I will definitely be seeing that one again. It's sort of like Tremors, with Zombies. Speaking of things that have added zombies, I have read both Pride and Prejudice and Zombies as well as Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters. There's part of my brain that thinks I should have more of a purist leaning, but at the same time... that would be pretty hypocritical given the crazy fanfiction I've read. There's not a lot of integrity you can claim when you've read as many crazy crossovers as I have.

This semester I'm taking five classes, three of which that are crazy intensely difficult, and two of which are sort of not as hard. Of course, they haven't made us do any quizzes or tests in those two, so there's time for me to be completely losing my mind with that. Meanwhile, Osteology and Archaeology of the Far East and the Ancient Maya have been freaking killing me with quizzes. Osteology is a rather difficult class, but I do love it. I pretty much live in the lab whenever there's a chance to be there and I'm not too sick and tired to be usefully occupied. Meanwhile, the teacher is totally awesome. He is one of those people that has the appearance of total confidence in his abilities, without being unproductively arrogant. We've finally gained enough familiarity with the cranial vault structures to attempt assessments of sex, age at death and geographical affinities. Very exciting.

What's new with you all flist?
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Summer school is rough. I spent the holiday weekend cramming more math and science (which incidentally has a lot of math involved as well) into my pretty little girlish head. It was sort of a trip. The following week will be more of the same. Yay? This process involves a carefully haphazard mix of NCIS watching with periods of intense reading accompanied by Baroque Chamber Music. Yee haw.

It's off for my daily 'walking is cheaper than riding the bus' exercise. Thank God for a wide brimmed hat and tennis shoes.
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first off, this semester is about two weeks too long. end. srsly. I have a bunch of big bottomed comprehensive finals next week, and at least two more opportunities to speak in public...studying for finals will not compel me to begin openly weeping during the final speech... I mean that was high school public speaking.

my finals strategy: coffee with just enough kahlua to keep me from freaking out. much more coffee than kahlua. i'm trying to hit the optimum programming level alcohol buzz. mindless sorting, data structure tasks while i try and compose the speech structure in the background of my mind. water. minesweeper... i'm terrible at it. sleeping. sometimes. confronting annoyances, or avoiding them as required. with a mix of musical channels that ends up sounding like a brain slowly finding its way into a puddle of molassesey goo. i have no idea how it does it. how a mix of songs can combine like a train wreck and make me feel something like sanity. movies that fit the slow deterioration of my brain... last week it was bbc miniseries week. wives and daughters, north and south(gaskill, not about america), half of the aristocrats (the miniseries not the comedian documentary). jane austen wasn't on the menu. i can't explain it, just like i can't explain that we have had proof  starring gwyneth paltrow lined up for watching sometime during the final meltdown of finals studying and have been waiting to watch it there for the last two weeks. it isn't time yet. tonight was stranger than fiction. also, i eat a lot of weird food. it's a hilarious time when i have been known to be sekritively eating like a stereotypical pregnant woman or dawn from btvs. last semester i wanted ice cream, chocolate chip cookie dough with cream cheese and cranberry sauce on top. so far, i've resisted the urge to throw random veggies and truffle oil into a pan with kidney beans and apricot jam and sauteeing the whole mess. but only because i'm too tired to cook.

if you have not seen stranger than fiction. go now. it's one of my favourite movies of all time. pitch perfect.
also, north and south sort of kicks the arse of pride and prejudice. i don't love p&p any less, i just love north and south more.

ok. finished writing tomorrow's speech. haahaaa... it should be good.

meanwhile, aliens found for me by [profile] teaandauguries


Apr. 27th, 2008 05:50 pm
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 Today was a delicious day. First off: Cupcakes at Bible Study! Yum. Vanilla with white frosting, simple and delicious. Then for lunch we had bruschetta... roasted tomatoes, mozzarella on a bed of crispy toast with pesto and super thin sliced salami. It was delightful. For a snack later we had roasted beets tossed with balsamic vinegar, olive oil and feta cheese. It was my very first time eating beets. They were sooo good. I don't know what I was thinking they'd taste like, but they were way yummy. Tonight we're planning on having roasted veggies (potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, tofu) and something else. We haven't gotten past drooling over the veggies to be honest. Maybe tomorrow we'll have tuna with olive oil and beans with sea salt and pepper... (Last night we had spicy shrimp, mashed potatoes and peas). I need a food icon... Roomie and I are on the lookout for yummy and healthy recipes that are super easy and quick to fix. Brain food is of the good, being as we are both approaching finals. Found a few delicious looking recipes on Epicurious. The only difficulty between us is the ratio of meat to veggies. :P And our budget. It is easier to eat crap when you're poor and short on free neurons, but we're trying to fix that.

This month, no bus pass. So I'll be walking to school. Upside, exercise. Downside, getting up earlier and sweating. Upside, better for the environment. Downside, if my deodorant is insufficient to the task of preventing me from being a smelly mess after walking, my immediate local environment gets worse. (Yuck!) 

Meanwhile, still studying for Trig midterm. I hope I have hair left after.
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Gave a speech today (well yesterday at this point) for my Communications class. It was an experience I shan't soon forget. Which is good. Since at some point I am sure there will be a test. Probably not on what I learned, though. We gave our speeches sans teacher in small groups of people, in our group's case 7, though only 5 of us were prepared to give our speeches. We were instructed to keep our speeches to 10 minutes including 3 minute rebuttals. Sounds nice right? If done right, our group could have shaved 30 minutes off of class time. Ha! Not likely (apparently)... Instead we were treated to more loca than I've been privileged to witness in quite some time. Loca (who normally has been, while a trifle emotional, fairly stable seeming) had apparently lost her mind today, due perhaps to her dire thoughts regarding the obvious "Earthquake Weather". I don't know.

We are gathering our wits and speeches up, preparing to decide who among us is to approach the front and give our speech when she preempts us and, grabbing a book from her bag, which seems rather large proceeds to try and teach us about 'The Trail of Tears'. While ordinarily, I would applaud the decision to boldly forge new trails of bullshit in the face of scholastic endeavors, she was sadly missing the mark completely, and about to burst into tears at the plight of the Native Americans. We kindly informed her that should she desire to make up an argument, we had no objection as long as she did it after we finished our already prepared speeches, thus in our minds giving her time she seemed to desperately needed to yanno, pull one together. She then argued over whether we were supposed to even be giving speeches. Between myself and another student, we managed to get her seated and mildly apologetic. At first. She may or may not have interrupted my speech, I was too preoccupied giving it that I probably wouldn't have noticed a bomb go off, but once the rebuttal started it was sort of cuckoo unleashed! She did not understand the concept of a) rebuttal and b)anything we were doing...

The next speech was on water, and like a bucket of water on a propane stove, the flames of crazy just got brighter and hotter for Loca as she interrupted to ask about Nephrology, and to offer weird little comments. Well the lady giving the speech is sort of blunt and rapidly was losing patience and told her it wasn't the time for comments. By this point the looks of confusion and genuine WTF were being passed from person to person like cheese fries at the Outback, fast and loaded with bacon... hmm maybe without the bacon, but basically there were a lot of them. I had to shush Loca a couple times. By the end of this speech Loca was losing it further, deteriorating into challenging the existence of Nephrology as a field of medicine and loud decrying of smoking as a cancer causing killer, claiming she had 'seen the bodies'! No one was sure what cigarettes had to do with water, at all. We again requested she either provide a genuine rebuttal or butt out and again for a time we had some peace. Then she started complaining about the next speech and its length, and afterwards decried the stereotyping of illegal immigrants claiming 'They ALWAYS blame it on the Mexicans, Phillipinos drive too!' This was actually almost on topic, since the speaker was proposing drivers licenses for illegal immigrants. Of course that was until she equated indicator markings designating immigration status on a drivers license were tantamount to the tattoos given to concentration camp victims...

I think that Loca did every single thing our teacher had asked us NOT to do...Next came a fairly uneventful speech on cell phone usage and then the final speech. As soon as the poor girl's proposition had fallen from her lips, Loca was on her and decided to challenge her topic, yelling out 'You already did this one for your informative!' Meanwhile, it wasn't... and also, how unnerving is it to try and give a speech to a group of people you don't really know that well, all the while being heckled by a mentally unstable girl, answer: very. The shushing count was getting outrageous, as I continually tried to steer things away from the rocks, wondering if I was going to have to attempt to remove her bodily...not that I would have had a shortage of volunteers at that point. She continued to make comments the entire time the girl was talking, despite repeatedly being shushed. At the end of the speech, arguing mental parity for people that are anorexic, Loca butts in... again. This time talking about how Miss Britain was a size sixteen and she was beautiful! An ironic statement considering the entire speech was about helping people that are too skinny to get treatment to deal with their disorder and yanno, gain and maintain a healthy weight?

Since we were being peer graded, I collected the papers, Loca gave everyone an A+, while loudly equating us with preschoolers (they let her teach children! AAAAAAH) and I carefully separated out hers from ours, because I'm not sure what crazy translates into in point value. Did I mention that before class she'd been grumbling about pfizer and their clear guilt in human atrocities during the Holocaust, this being the only way they could know so much about humans? And something I didn't catch about Castro and bioengineering...
The teacher was told about the disruptions... and we all finally got to leave.

It just goes to show, that when someone assumes you are 19, when you are 25... they obviously must be crazy, clearly I look 30.


Feb. 12th, 2008 06:58 pm
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I feel like I haven't blogged in forever, Quite probably because I haven't. I'm still posting random journals here and there, but nothing too major. Partly because I haven't had much to say and partly because I feel like I have too much to say. Kind of a strange existence living in the fullness of my brain and the emptiness of my tongue. I've started the new semester to great applause, mostly my own, however some of it from the dutiful drabs and dribs in Comm class, as my teacher, the Hippie dictator for life of public speaking commands her minions faithfully to provide encouragement for every instance of appropriate and public speech. Life is her watermelon and we are her little seedlings, to be nourished into wholly misinformed invisible children. My trig teacher, met on the field of mathy battle first thing in the morning, is a great General of Maths. Inspiring us, his troops to delve deep into the mysteries of numbers, not for their useful utility, but for the sheer joy of the struggle. He is a warrior of Math, a philosophist and possesses the inability to wield a hairbrush or spell. It's so fun to find someone with such intensity of purpose and love of their subject, teaching it unyieldingly to a class of silent attentive thralls. I am the only girl in an already small class. I am hard pressed to not laugh loudly and often at his delightful way of talking about "the language of math" and struggle to merely commit to my notes his advise and his affectionate meanderings on life and the mathematician. To him, "Math is a struggle" and is studied "not for the application, but because it's interesting and we love it," and in math, "we always try to speak the truth" because "Math comes from love, not application". Also, he really hates contrived application problems. Meanwhile, one evening a week I drag myself back to campus in the afternoon, on what feels like Friday for my last class, Astronomy, taught by a dynamo of action and excitement, in a short delightedly evil British female professor . Last week, she declared herself god and earth, wherein all good things grow. She speaks in many hyperbolic declarative statements from on high, or rather, low. She's quite short seeming. It's a lovely three hours that still requires I work myself up for considering that it falls right during my natural dinner/nightly mental shut down dormancy. Once I'm there, tis a much nicer proposition.

In just a couple of weeks, I'm going to get to partake of culture, something that has been too frequently absent from life in general aside from the soothing semblance thereof generated by orchestral music and movies recreating the atmospheric conditions in contrast to the rush and bother of everything. We got our tickets to see Giselle in the City, something I'd been hoping would come together for a long time. Ever since I stumbled upon knowledge that it was going to be performed, I wanted to see it, but it didn't seem like it was in the cards with everything else that was happening. It's [profile] teaandauguries' favourite ballet, and as I've heard about it many many times, but aside from one performance of The Nutcracker, I have not been to any ballet not broadcast to my tv. (Looking at you awesome ABC version of Le Corsaire, I do so love your leaping bois) I'm excited. I'm thinking that we should go see one of the simulcast HD satellite screenings of performances from the Met next. Maybe on my birthday, for Wagner's Tristan and Isolde or maybe a little later for Puccini's La Boheme. Hooray for operatic struggle. I find it slightly strange that I'm more (of course more is entirely relative) familiar with opera by personal experience than I am with Ballet... but I was a choir geek, so maybe not so strange. It doesn't add up to much more, The Nutcracker and video of Le Corsaire and various other bits and pieces against Carmen, Cinderella, and the Marriage of Figaro. I've seen more musicals and stage plays than anything... oh, and one Cirque performance. That was cool. Now I want to also go see the Symphony, go to a museum, and take in a hockey game. If only money grew on trees. I think I will go to a museum. The MoMA nearby has an exhibit of Picasso and Goya till April. The Asian Art Museum, of which I have grown exceedingly fond, has some interesting paintings on display starting in February. It gets even more awesome in June, when the Court Treasures of the Ming Dynasty make there way there, and then in October there's an exhibit from the National Museum, in Kabul. So there is more to look forward to.

Meanwhile, Monday was as we say an 'istoric occasion. I sent my boyfriend a Valentine's day present. It was very exciting. The delightfully dyed minion of fedex/kinko's helped me pack everything into a box and put pretty 'Fragile' stickers all over it, taped it shut and after some confusion over the actual address, sent it on its way. More about that after he gets it in the mail, methinks. I'm taking a pretty full load in school but it is not that bad at all and I am looking forward a lot  to the boyfriend coming out in March around my birthday. Went to the dentist, realized that tooth decay is a lot like vampirism and fighting it is a lot like fighting the walking undead, you use a lot of water, sharp pointy things, tiny stakes and UV light. Tiny teeth vampires exist! Fight them with fluoride kids!
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So, this semester, I'm taking English 1B. This semester has a focus on Literature, which is quite different from say last semester where I was required to weekly offer up my entrails for the amusement of the teacher.

This semester I have to examine the entrails of others. Hooray!

The only weird bit is, she keeps asking about our 'experiences with literature'. Maybe I'm hopelessly naive but what does that even mean? I keep wanting to discuss the moral values of different literature types. Like, Shakespeare is a fun party date, takes you to nice places, but then spends most of the party gadding about talking like you don't understand that he's making fun of everyone. Hopefully you're in on the joke and not the butt of it. Then there's Beckett, who everyone seems to like, but everyone is still waiting for. Then you have Shelley, Poe and Stoker, they all tell a good story, but they are a bit on the intense side. Dickens is fairly depressing, until his fifth martini, then he's absolutely dreadful. The Bront√ęs all sit in the corner like wide eyed zombie dolls from some Asian Horror film. Luckily tho, most literature isn't the sort to beat you up and take away your lunch money. In fact Lewis, Tolkien and Adams are all quite jovial and pleasant, a bit nerdy, but that just adds to the charm. Just be worried if you get seated anywhere near Dan Brown. He might steal your lunch money and your term paper. Don't even sit near him on the bus. Take the next bus. And stay away from the non-fiction guys unless you want to know all about what they know. They can't help themselves...

I don't think that this is the question she's asking, but I still don't know what she does mean either.


May. 21st, 2007 03:04 pm
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Today, I made such a delicious lunch! It was soooo good. I toasted a whole wheat English Muffin and melted some Mozzarella on the top and then put some homemade tuna salad on top of that. 

The tuna salad was tuna with spicy mustard and a little mayonaise, a dash of lime juice, a handful of Craisins and some cinnamon mixed in. It was to die for. There was enough for both [profile] afaeryschildand I to enjoy. 

Meanwhile, the furniture has been rearranged and as soon as I'm done with my last final (possibly sooner) all of the remaining piles and such will be gone through and put in their proper places. We are just waiting for the new bookcases, a new bedset, a nightstand/printer stand, a filing cabinet and a larger hamper. I might also require a few more wooden hangers, but that's a little bit in the future. 

I am sitting in the library, all pre-freedom from psychotic English professors. (at least for this semester) I think it's really really really weird to have to be so introspective for English. I mean, really, there are a lot of great things that I've learned from taking the class, but it seems wrong to have to dig up all of the issues and dramas and mental crap that you've been meaning to clean up (honest) in order to sort through it on a deadline and for a grade. What's up with that? 

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My brain is tapping around, intent on not focusing on what I am determined to do. I have to finish a research paper, and really it is the last thing I want to do. As opposed to the three page research paper I had to do for Biology which took me three hours and was a total blast, this paper is just not fun. 10 pages of fun to finish up, and it's all quackers psychoanalytical shite from the seventies. /rant


Feb. 15th, 2007 04:26 pm
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Just when I get fed up with myself and go all emo 'blah blah, I suck at writing boohoohoo', I get the urge to write something. And I feel like maybe, just maybe I don't suck. But it's inconveinent as hell, because, really I should be finishing my English journals. At least they are almost done.
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So, my first week of school comes sort of to a middle. I've been to all but one of my classes and it's dawned on me what exactly I signed up and payed money for. I won't lie. It's sort of just a bit terrifying. Especially with work right now. (Apparently 40h + 36h = 76h) I'm not taking math this semester, but if I was, I'd automatically pass for figuring out that equation. Alternatively expressed, it's something like (full time job + full time student = when the hell am I going to sleep and like shower and stuff?). My job isn't mentally demanding or anything, I mean how hard is it to shove paper into folders? It's tedious and destroys your hands and makes your soul weep at the little metal tongie things that hold things in folders. And two hole punches make me weep on sight. But otherwise, not that bad. It just takes time. Like it's really more than forty hours because the soul sucking bastards make me take an hour for lunch and like apparently expect me to do basic hygiene in the mornings, which takes at least half an hour, if I really really hurry. So now I'm hiding in the 'telephone room' to get some privacy to do homework without people asking 'hey, what you doing?' And then I'm all like 'homework' hoping the look on my face says, 'no offense but GTFO and STFU.' With my luck it probably translates, 'I just ate at the cafeteria and have to go to the bathroom.' *Shrug* Oh well. My classes, in direct contrast to my job are awesome. Wicked crazy challenging, but totally awesome. Thank God I pay for the school, and not the job. Although, really I'm getting a great deal right now, thanks to the bone crunching poverty of 2005. Never really thought I'd be so darned thankful for a lousy fiscal period. But it certainly worked out this time. At least, barring unforseen stuff. But it's as of yet unforseen, so I'm going to attempt positive belief. (English teachers make me lol).


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