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So, my first week of school comes sort of to a middle. I've been to all but one of my classes and it's dawned on me what exactly I signed up and payed money for. I won't lie. It's sort of just a bit terrifying. Especially with work right now. (Apparently 40h + 36h = 76h) I'm not taking math this semester, but if I was, I'd automatically pass for figuring out that equation. Alternatively expressed, it's something like (full time job + full time student = when the hell am I going to sleep and like shower and stuff?). My job isn't mentally demanding or anything, I mean how hard is it to shove paper into folders? It's tedious and destroys your hands and makes your soul weep at the little metal tongie things that hold things in folders. And two hole punches make me weep on sight. But otherwise, not that bad. It just takes time. Like it's really more than forty hours because the soul sucking bastards make me take an hour for lunch and like apparently expect me to do basic hygiene in the mornings, which takes at least half an hour, if I really really hurry. So now I'm hiding in the 'telephone room' to get some privacy to do homework without people asking 'hey, what you doing?' And then I'm all like 'homework' hoping the look on my face says, 'no offense but GTFO and STFU.' With my luck it probably translates, 'I just ate at the cafeteria and have to go to the bathroom.' *Shrug* Oh well. My classes, in direct contrast to my job are awesome. Wicked crazy challenging, but totally awesome. Thank God I pay for the school, and not the job. Although, really I'm getting a great deal right now, thanks to the bone crunching poverty of 2005. Never really thought I'd be so darned thankful for a lousy fiscal period. But it certainly worked out this time. At least, barring unforseen stuff. But it's as of yet unforseen, so I'm going to attempt positive belief. (English teachers make me lol).


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