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So, this semester, I'm taking English 1B. This semester has a focus on Literature, which is quite different from say last semester where I was required to weekly offer up my entrails for the amusement of the teacher.

This semester I have to examine the entrails of others. Hooray!

The only weird bit is, she keeps asking about our 'experiences with literature'. Maybe I'm hopelessly naive but what does that even mean? I keep wanting to discuss the moral values of different literature types. Like, Shakespeare is a fun party date, takes you to nice places, but then spends most of the party gadding about talking like you don't understand that he's making fun of everyone. Hopefully you're in on the joke and not the butt of it. Then there's Beckett, who everyone seems to like, but everyone is still waiting for. Then you have Shelley, Poe and Stoker, they all tell a good story, but they are a bit on the intense side. Dickens is fairly depressing, until his fifth martini, then he's absolutely dreadful. The Bront√ęs all sit in the corner like wide eyed zombie dolls from some Asian Horror film. Luckily tho, most literature isn't the sort to beat you up and take away your lunch money. In fact Lewis, Tolkien and Adams are all quite jovial and pleasant, a bit nerdy, but that just adds to the charm. Just be worried if you get seated anywhere near Dan Brown. He might steal your lunch money and your term paper. Don't even sit near him on the bus. Take the next bus. And stay away from the non-fiction guys unless you want to know all about what they know. They can't help themselves...

I don't think that this is the question she's asking, but I still don't know what she does mean either.


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