Jun. 8th, 2007 03:09 pm
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I have a love/hate relationship with Louis Vuitton. On the one hand, I love to say Louis Vuitton, on the other hand the uber logo bags and accessories that have become sort of the honor badge of the rich and petulant are just totally ugly. Well constructed but so... popular. What is unique about a bag everyone has and everyone wants? Does anyone care if it is cute? Is it functional? Does it go with everything? It's a vanity piece. And that's just irritating. 

Then there is the whole Ugg phenom. Although having been given a pair of pink Uggs for Christmas, which I adored for their absolute and utter comfort (like foot heaven really), they still are mostly faddy and annoying. And the worst part is... they are way more money than I can justify spending to replace and the knockoff Uggs that I hoped to take advantage of don't fit me right and are no where comfortable enough to justify the ugliness. So really, I'm just jealous. Jealous and annoyed by the fact that their only real value is in the comfort... and vanity/fad currency. (don't you wish you were hot like Mischa? *snerk*)

While I watch trends and enjoy trends at times... I just don't understand the value of following them slavishly. There are so many opportunities for creativity and self-expression. Some people abuse that creativity at every turn, because they are completely clueless. Others show a clear genius and ingenuity in their style choices. I think everyone should be allowed to find the happiness in expressing yourself and comfort of a clear personal style. I wish more time and effort went into finding the look that compliments the unique curves and attributes of your personality and your body. 

Wearing something because someone else did, and they are popular is, to me, one of the absolute worst reasons to buy and wear something. It is just mind boggling. I don't object to finding inspiration from popular people or from trends, as long as it still fits from the head down to the personality. So, if I see someone with a Louis Vuitton bag, I ask myself two questions. 1. Does that bag look like it belongs to her. and 2. Does that bag look like she knocked over Jessica Simpson and is holding the bag hostage.

Style is all about chemistry. Just like perfume never smells the same on two different people, clothes never wear exactly the same either. Even if you look exactly the same. Unless you are the twin soulless zombie clothes horses of the apocalypse... then you're damned anyways.


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