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I have a ton of other food related stuff to post to [profile] eastnearwestabout, but I'm going to wait until I emerge victorious from the haze of finals, which are over soon (hallelujah).  Instead I'm just going to say, that even I think the food I make when I'm tired is weird. This morning I made myself a scrambled egg, but I added a splash of cream, a dash of cinnamon, some mozerella, and applesauce. It tasted liked delicious apple bake. But still, weird no?

Anyone else think so too? 

What is the weirdest thing you've ever found yourself fixing to eat?

Trig ded

Apr. 28th, 2008 10:58 am
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Finished up my test this morning. It was easier than I expected. Though I avoided a couple of questions merely to preserve what sanity I have left. I got done early, which is great. I wish I'd brought my homework from Comm to finish up. Instead I posted to [livejournal.com profile] eastnearwestand figured out how to add a poll to my entry. I know! It's like super special awesome! Oh! I should add one to this post too! Poll happy girl on a rampage!

[Poll #1179136]
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For various reasons, [profile] teaandauguries and I are moving over our fashion nerd blog and related posts to their new home on LJ, @ [profile] eastnearwest. We're uploading our archive and will be posting new stuff shortly. Also, we will be switching things up with posts on food, and presumably culture type things... since we both love food, pretty clothes and going to museums, movies etc. 
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For those of you that enjoy planning where you'll be when Haley's comet zooms into view or I post a journal entry, today is half your lucky day. I've been keeping pretty busy lately, with school and work and other diverting things. Done a bit of offline journaling/writing (with pen and paper, tres old fashioned ya?) and the occasional online fashion blogging over at East Near West, which seems to be picking up steam again after a brief hiatus. 

I've almost finished shopping for Christmas, which is fantastic. I had to take a whole week with no pay off of work, which is not as fantastic...

Had a tiny wee bit of surgery, from which I am recovering nicely. Working on finals and all the lovely bits of sleepless wonder that go with that... I've been watching Torchwood and Dr. Who, mostly as a background entertainment for my homework/recovery time. And most recently I have been beta-ing the bff's Tinman fic, Breadcrumbs for the Soul in between beating my head against my own fanfic thinly disguised as English paper... Luckily hers is all done, so now it's just a matter of the edits and the postings. It's very good, go read it!

Edited to add actual real working linkage. Oops!


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