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As you know... I went to Los Angeles this weekend with my bestest friend and some other totally less important people (It was her birthday)! It was total awesome fun! Well it wasn't perfect, but really what trip is? I've never experienced such a mythical trip. I don't even know if one exists. The car was made out of plywood, apparently. Well the backseats were. Mountain climbing gear was required to remove oneself from the back seat and also to reenter it. We had a cake in the middle that we had to attempt to miss as we flung ourselves over the seats. Some jerk had smoked in the rental van before even thought there were explicit signs on the windows indicating that this would be highly frowned upon and end up making three and a half bottles of Febreeze and dirty looks of crap crap now we all need advil and our inhalors. We got a late start after our morning tea.Which was worrisome as it meant we ended up at the hotel a little bit late and missed the very beginning of the first episode of Atlantis. The trip down was fairly uneventful. I think... after razzing my friend about always falling asleep at weird times, I fell asleep only to awake to utter boredom over the Grapevine. We had slightly smushed cake and watched Atlantis and had some McDonald's (ooh yum). Then we crashed out on beds actually less comfy than the backseat of the deathvan. The suite was also smoked in contrary to the red door signs. Bastards.

The next morning after some weird arsed dreams, trucks, car alarms and panicked waking up at ten before eight where I finally got up and went into the bathroom and dressed and started to try and tame my newly fluffy hair. They didn't do it quite right. I need more hair things. Mayhap some gel? I don't know. Today I used paper clips. That's another totally different but humorous story. Poor friend person got very little sleep. Anyways, we got breakfast at McDonald's well I had a granola bar. We figured out how to get the images off of the digital camera (before breakfast even) and headed out as we were about an hour out of LA.

We got to FIDM about twenty minutes before our ten am entry time into the exhibit. In the center of the dome thingie, there was a totally awesome X-wing with an astromech droid and lights and such! Star Wars in sight! We got into line bouncing with excitement as the requisite Star Wars music washed over us from overhead speakers and we peered into the windows of the gift shop at a wealth of Star Wars merchandise. Cameras at the ready we entered the exhibit with the knowledge that we could not come back once we left. (even if we had to go potty... Bastards.) Our first stop was the Gift shop to pick up the $300 costume special limited signed numbered teh awesome book by Trisha for my friend. (woohoo Happy Birthday friend o' mine!) Then we were greeted by R2D2 and C3PO which was funny because of Atlantis last night. (R2 turn off the Auto Pilot... ) Lolz! The security guards at the front warned us that even though the costumes were not completely behind glass, we still were not permitted to touch, fondle, caress or other wise try on and take home the pretties. Bastards! ;) Guess bringing the U-Haul was too optimistic. Also we weren't supposed to flash the manequins in case they came to life in an eighties movie kind of way. I didn't really understand that part but since my camera has no flash and I don't do that sort of thing it worked out. Not even for pretty beads or embroidery. Is there like a character limit on this thing? Hmm.

Anyways we passed under the arch and came face to fabric with costumes from the original trilogy. I took no pictures of them since, almost everyone that knows anything has seen them. I do occasionally remember what overkill means. The Leia Bespin outfit is friggin gorgeous btw! It has way pretty embroidery and lovely red lining.I didn't see this this costume there, but I actually hallucinated it as it was in the book in large detail and I was star struck. The slave costume was there blah blah blah. Her boots are really cool but sort of uncomfortable looking. The costume book was conveniently located in every room just for all the costume geeks with cameras. Next we passed under a star effect archway into a poorly lit room (darned dramatic lighting) with all of the villain's finery on display. Trisha (the costume designer for those who don't know) does not drop a stitch because every fabric is spot on and each costume is fabulously and meticulously constructed. *geeks out and dies*

*regenerates and continues from respawn point*

Read more... ) Okay more tomorrow as it's very late and I'm tired. Stay tuned for OMG Squee! the Padme/Nabooboo Room and Holy friggin fan fest batman! but not batman, firefly... dumdumdumdum!


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