Feb. 12th, 2008 06:58 pm
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I feel like I haven't blogged in forever, Quite probably because I haven't. I'm still posting random journals here and there, but nothing too major. Partly because I haven't had much to say and partly because I feel like I have too much to say. Kind of a strange existence living in the fullness of my brain and the emptiness of my tongue. I've started the new semester to great applause, mostly my own, however some of it from the dutiful drabs and dribs in Comm class, as my teacher, the Hippie dictator for life of public speaking commands her minions faithfully to provide encouragement for every instance of appropriate and public speech. Life is her watermelon and we are her little seedlings, to be nourished into wholly misinformed invisible children. My trig teacher, met on the field of mathy battle first thing in the morning, is a great General of Maths. Inspiring us, his troops to delve deep into the mysteries of numbers, not for their useful utility, but for the sheer joy of the struggle. He is a warrior of Math, a philosophist and possesses the inability to wield a hairbrush or spell. It's so fun to find someone with such intensity of purpose and love of their subject, teaching it unyieldingly to a class of silent attentive thralls. I am the only girl in an already small class. I am hard pressed to not laugh loudly and often at his delightful way of talking about "the language of math" and struggle to merely commit to my notes his advise and his affectionate meanderings on life and the mathematician. To him, "Math is a struggle" and is studied "not for the application, but because it's interesting and we love it," and in math, "we always try to speak the truth" because "Math comes from love, not application". Also, he really hates contrived application problems. Meanwhile, one evening a week I drag myself back to campus in the afternoon, on what feels like Friday for my last class, Astronomy, taught by a dynamo of action and excitement, in a short delightedly evil British female professor . Last week, she declared herself god and earth, wherein all good things grow. She speaks in many hyperbolic declarative statements from on high, or rather, low. She's quite short seeming. It's a lovely three hours that still requires I work myself up for considering that it falls right during my natural dinner/nightly mental shut down dormancy. Once I'm there, tis a much nicer proposition.

In just a couple of weeks, I'm going to get to partake of culture, something that has been too frequently absent from life in general aside from the soothing semblance thereof generated by orchestral music and movies recreating the atmospheric conditions in contrast to the rush and bother of everything. We got our tickets to see Giselle in the City, something I'd been hoping would come together for a long time. Ever since I stumbled upon knowledge that it was going to be performed, I wanted to see it, but it didn't seem like it was in the cards with everything else that was happening. It's [profile] teaandauguries' favourite ballet, and as I've heard about it many many times, but aside from one performance of The Nutcracker, I have not been to any ballet not broadcast to my tv. (Looking at you awesome ABC version of Le Corsaire, I do so love your leaping bois) I'm excited. I'm thinking that we should go see one of the simulcast HD satellite screenings of performances from the Met next. Maybe on my birthday, for Wagner's Tristan and Isolde or maybe a little later for Puccini's La Boheme. Hooray for operatic struggle. I find it slightly strange that I'm more (of course more is entirely relative) familiar with opera by personal experience than I am with Ballet... but I was a choir geek, so maybe not so strange. It doesn't add up to much more, The Nutcracker and video of Le Corsaire and various other bits and pieces against Carmen, Cinderella, and the Marriage of Figaro. I've seen more musicals and stage plays than anything... oh, and one Cirque performance. That was cool. Now I want to also go see the Symphony, go to a museum, and take in a hockey game. If only money grew on trees. I think I will go to a museum. The MoMA nearby has an exhibit of Picasso and Goya till April. The Asian Art Museum, of which I have grown exceedingly fond, has some interesting paintings on display starting in February. It gets even more awesome in June, when the Court Treasures of the Ming Dynasty make there way there, and then in October there's an exhibit from the National Museum, in Kabul. So there is more to look forward to.

Meanwhile, Monday was as we say an 'istoric occasion. I sent my boyfriend a Valentine's day present. It was very exciting. The delightfully dyed minion of fedex/kinko's helped me pack everything into a box and put pretty 'Fragile' stickers all over it, taped it shut and after some confusion over the actual address, sent it on its way. More about that after he gets it in the mail, methinks. I'm taking a pretty full load in school but it is not that bad at all and I am looking forward a lot  to the boyfriend coming out in March around my birthday. Went to the dentist, realized that tooth decay is a lot like vampirism and fighting it is a lot like fighting the walking undead, you use a lot of water, sharp pointy things, tiny stakes and UV light. Tiny teeth vampires exist! Fight them with fluoride kids!


Dec. 23rd, 2007 12:54 pm
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Through the magic of Pandora, I now have this year's Christmas album. Last year's album was A Winter's Night which is still beloved this year. Favourite tracks include:
Song for a Winter's Night (Sarah McLachlan) Beautiful and soft and just well, Sarah...
Gaudette (Midaevel Baebes), Madrigal music of the best kind. We hum and sing this one a lot.
and It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (Martina Sorbara) a mellow swingy soft song.

This year's album is a bit less mellow. This year's album is Let It Snow Baby... Let It Reindeerby Relient K. We bought it from iTunes because Pandora kept playing Angels we Have Heard on High off this album, and it's a kicked up, fast and fun version done in awesome two part yelling harmonies. So I looked up the album, wondering if the rest was as awesome. Guess what? It totally is. If you are a fan of Relient K or you like your music as quirky as it is musically appealing, give it a shot. You'll find a mix of fast uptempo songs, like Angels, funny songs, like Good King Wenceslas and I'm getting nuttin' for Christmas which is a funny uptempo songs, along with some truly awesome and thoughtful softer songs, like Merry Christmas Here's to Many More. As much as this album makes me laugh, it makes me think and it makes me feel grateful for the Holidays and for family in all its glorious forms.

So look at me now
Its finally Christmas and I'm home
Head indoors, to get out of this weather
And I don't know how
But the closest friends I've ever known are all inside
Singing together
Singing merry Christmas, here's to many more
-from Merry Christmas, Here's to Many More

There isn't really a song I don't like on this album...
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As some of you may be aware, a certain holiday approaches. Like a shark, stalking our shopping and haunting our doorways with mistletoe and our homes with spiked eggnog. I'm excited, though hardly ready, and I happily await the giving of gifts and the downing of various forms of festive foods. Yum!

I am hoping to make my family Molasses Cookies and Spice Cake, which may or may not have originated with us, but by gum they're traditional now! Well, the only hitch in this plan is if I can't find the recipe. But as a last resort I'll call Gramma or Dad, how embarrassing!

And if you liked Tin Man, go read this story, Breadcrumbs for the Soul  by [profile] afaeryschild
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For those of you that enjoy planning where you'll be when Haley's comet zooms into view or I post a journal entry, today is half your lucky day. I've been keeping pretty busy lately, with school and work and other diverting things. Done a bit of offline journaling/writing (with pen and paper, tres old fashioned ya?) and the occasional online fashion blogging over at East Near West, which seems to be picking up steam again after a brief hiatus. 

I've almost finished shopping for Christmas, which is fantastic. I had to take a whole week with no pay off of work, which is not as fantastic...

Had a tiny wee bit of surgery, from which I am recovering nicely. Working on finals and all the lovely bits of sleepless wonder that go with that... I've been watching Torchwood and Dr. Who, mostly as a background entertainment for my homework/recovery time. And most recently I have been beta-ing the bff's Tinman fic, Breadcrumbs for the Soul in between beating my head against my own fanfic thinly disguised as English paper... Luckily hers is all done, so now it's just a matter of the edits and the postings. It's very good, go read it!

Edited to add actual real working linkage. Oops!
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So, while I watch most of my shows through the magic of DVR and perfectly legal rebroadcasts of an internet nature, (NBC.com) Wednesdays are special. Unless I get asked to do Kara. Though I'm actually not positive that Kara would win at this point. I might ask them to DVR that instead while I get my fix of fashion. I play a hunter, they probably wouldn't notice if I afk autoshotted the instance would they? Wednesdays are for Tyra and her army of model wannabes and now Gossip Girl and her army of New York scandal mongers. If you had asked me last month if I was looking forward to either, you would have received quizzical bewilderment. A couple of well placed magazine ads, one desperately lazy Saturday spent watching the Cycle 8 marathon of ANTM on VH1 and the first two episodes of each, and you have the woman before you now reduced to sheer anticipation on a Wednesday, which by seven o'clock at night is starting to wear at the nerves of a patient but also eager roomie.

At fifteen til eight, having run out of snark from FourFour and TVwoP, I'm nearly incoherent from a mix of happiness and impatience and I've begun to hop to the couch, to the amusement of everyone in the house that hasn't suffered my squeaking gibbering hilarity previously.

I am an intelligent person! But both shows on one night are just too much happiness at the same time. Gossip Girl is strangely awesome. It's not really that plot driven, it's more like The SartoriaList and Face Hunter on television. Really really great clothes, and shoes and hair. It's terribly terribly wonderful. Pretty pictures that mooove! Oh, and it has a soundtrack.

The appeal of ANTM is one I can't really explain. It's like ProjRun, but without Heidi Klum, a huge plus. And as Barbie like as Tyra is, she does teach the models actual model-y skills, another plus. Pretty clothes, pretty photos and just fashion. I don't suppose that my being an avid fan of that subject surprises anyone at this point. Even when the challenges get wacky and the bitches bitchier, well, does anyone think that fashion can't be like that? In ProjRun, well like Karl or Donatella would break a nail sewing their own shit or working together... ProjRun group challenges are just so hilariously unrealistic. Jae loves to paint that picture on occasion, and it's a personal favourite of mine.

/Fade in

It's All Star ProjRun, with your host Heidi Klum. This season's contestants are; Vera and Donna and Donatella and Karl and McQueen and a little to the side is Stella. Bereft of their entourage, they stand on the runway for this week's group challenge judging. The judges are Heidi, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and for some reason Emeril Lagasse. It's ProjRun, they don't need a reason.

Vera, Karl and Donatella are on the same side of the runway, their models before them. One model is naked, except for some non-strategic red paint and a single strip of bacon. Another model is wearing a yard of exceedingly fine silk in a perfect shade of purple with an beautiful hat and carrying a spiral cut ham. The last model is wearing a shredded wool tunic with salami trim. Karl keeps unconsciously reaching for a diet coke that isn't there muttering in French and is blithely unaware of the women on either side of him, of course with his sunglasses on, he could be sleeping. Vera is glaring daggers at Donatella who is smoking a cigarette violently and leaning on Karl for support. The models just look scared and cold.

Stella, Alex and Donna are observing their competition with the confidence of the tragically hip. Their three models seem more at ease. One of their models is also fairly au natural, wearing a pig pink modal bikini and the slogan "I am conscious of the pain of sentient beings" in elegant calligraphy around her stomach. Another model is wearing a painstakingly tailored sheath dress with a purse, a crumpled paper sign that says simply, "Joan forgot her lunch today" and a hundred dollar bill pinned to her lapel. The last model was wheeled out by three makeup assistants and a couple grips on a dolly, her outfit is sculpted of bologna and liverwurst and she looks as though she's either going to be extremely ill or fabulous at any moment. Stella is trying to avoid illness herself in the face of the large amounts of meat and meat biproducts, Donna is drawing on a scorecard with some lipstick she stole from the makeup trailer and Alexander is laughing maniacally at the competition. All of the judges are speechless as Tim Gunn interviews that he's "concerned" that the designers didn't seem to "connect" with their challenge and that they needed badly to "make it work". He seems as close to helpless fits of giggles as anyone has ever seen him.

/fade to commercial

I would so watch that show.

This Wednesday obsession has sort of taken over time previously spent watching and reviewing actual fashion shows...

xposted to RVB and ENW
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So, this semester, I'm taking English 1B. This semester has a focus on Literature, which is quite different from say last semester where I was required to weekly offer up my entrails for the amusement of the teacher.

This semester I have to examine the entrails of others. Hooray!

The only weird bit is, she keeps asking about our 'experiences with literature'. Maybe I'm hopelessly naive but what does that even mean? I keep wanting to discuss the moral values of different literature types. Like, Shakespeare is a fun party date, takes you to nice places, but then spends most of the party gadding about talking like you don't understand that he's making fun of everyone. Hopefully you're in on the joke and not the butt of it. Then there's Beckett, who everyone seems to like, but everyone is still waiting for. Then you have Shelley, Poe and Stoker, they all tell a good story, but they are a bit on the intense side. Dickens is fairly depressing, until his fifth martini, then he's absolutely dreadful. The Bront√ęs all sit in the corner like wide eyed zombie dolls from some Asian Horror film. Luckily tho, most literature isn't the sort to beat you up and take away your lunch money. In fact Lewis, Tolkien and Adams are all quite jovial and pleasant, a bit nerdy, but that just adds to the charm. Just be worried if you get seated anywhere near Dan Brown. He might steal your lunch money and your term paper. Don't even sit near him on the bus. Take the next bus. And stay away from the non-fiction guys unless you want to know all about what they know. They can't help themselves...

I don't think that this is the question she's asking, but I still don't know what she does mean either.


Jun. 8th, 2007 03:09 pm
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I have a love/hate relationship with Louis Vuitton. On the one hand, I love to say Louis Vuitton, on the other hand the uber logo bags and accessories that have become sort of the honor badge of the rich and petulant are just totally ugly. Well constructed but so... popular. What is unique about a bag everyone has and everyone wants? Does anyone care if it is cute? Is it functional? Does it go with everything? It's a vanity piece. And that's just irritating. 

Then there is the whole Ugg phenom. Although having been given a pair of pink Uggs for Christmas, which I adored for their absolute and utter comfort (like foot heaven really), they still are mostly faddy and annoying. And the worst part is... they are way more money than I can justify spending to replace and the knockoff Uggs that I hoped to take advantage of don't fit me right and are no where comfortable enough to justify the ugliness. So really, I'm just jealous. Jealous and annoyed by the fact that their only real value is in the comfort... and vanity/fad currency. (don't you wish you were hot like Mischa? *snerk*)

While I watch trends and enjoy trends at times... I just don't understand the value of following them slavishly. There are so many opportunities for creativity and self-expression. Some people abuse that creativity at every turn, because they are completely clueless. Others show a clear genius and ingenuity in their style choices. I think everyone should be allowed to find the happiness in expressing yourself and comfort of a clear personal style. I wish more time and effort went into finding the look that compliments the unique curves and attributes of your personality and your body. 

Wearing something because someone else did, and they are popular is, to me, one of the absolute worst reasons to buy and wear something. It is just mind boggling. I don't object to finding inspiration from popular people or from trends, as long as it still fits from the head down to the personality. So, if I see someone with a Louis Vuitton bag, I ask myself two questions. 1. Does that bag look like it belongs to her. and 2. Does that bag look like she knocked over Jessica Simpson and is holding the bag hostage.

Style is all about chemistry. Just like perfume never smells the same on two different people, clothes never wear exactly the same either. Even if you look exactly the same. Unless you are the twin soulless zombie clothes horses of the apocalypse... then you're damned anyways.


May. 21st, 2007 03:04 pm
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Today, I made such a delicious lunch! It was soooo good. I toasted a whole wheat English Muffin and melted some Mozzarella on the top and then put some homemade tuna salad on top of that. 

The tuna salad was tuna with spicy mustard and a little mayonaise, a dash of lime juice, a handful of Craisins and some cinnamon mixed in. It was to die for. There was enough for both [profile] afaeryschildand I to enjoy. 

Meanwhile, the furniture has been rearranged and as soon as I'm done with my last final (possibly sooner) all of the remaining piles and such will be gone through and put in their proper places. We are just waiting for the new bookcases, a new bedset, a nightstand/printer stand, a filing cabinet and a larger hamper. I might also require a few more wooden hangers, but that's a little bit in the future. 

I am sitting in the library, all pre-freedom from psychotic English professors. (at least for this semester) I think it's really really really weird to have to be so introspective for English. I mean, really, there are a lot of great things that I've learned from taking the class, but it seems wrong to have to dig up all of the issues and dramas and mental crap that you've been meaning to clean up (honest) in order to sort through it on a deadline and for a grade. What's up with that? 

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My brain is tapping around, intent on not focusing on what I am determined to do. I have to finish a research paper, and really it is the last thing I want to do. As opposed to the three page research paper I had to do for Biology which took me three hours and was a total blast, this paper is just not fun. 10 pages of fun to finish up, and it's all quackers psychoanalytical shite from the seventies. /rant
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I return with a glorious post about my dinner. Because dasmit it's tasty. Tonight I had salmon, yummy yummy brown sugar and mustard glazed salmon with a side of kidney beans (mmm iron) A half piece of naan, also super tasty, with a cup of green tea and a sweet orange bun for dessert. The salmon was lovingly prepared by the talented [profile] afaeryschild. I don't know the recipe, but mmm. It's good.

Midterms have been completely wonky this term, falling from March all the way through this upcoming week. I don't know if that's particularly usual or what, but it's sort of weirded me out. Monday's English midterm went alright, though I came to the realisation that really, I'm not a fan of grammar. Apparently... I'm not so in love with rules. Especially rules involving the English language. I sort of figure that grammar is like gravity. It's either there, or you're moonwalking. I certainly respect gravity, and very much love that it keeps me with my feet on the ground, but occasionally... I rather wish I could fly instead. Same with English. <--FRAGMENT OMG!!! I have a basic working knowledge of both grammar and gravity, and generally don't let either get the best of me. It's just that every few thousand steps and every few thousand words I clutz out and fall all over myself, landing arse over tea kettle, hoping that I will get a reputation as a physical comedy GENIUS, a real funny kind of gal. Would you believe I sort of kind of really meant to do that? So, my career as a grammar Nazi isn't going to pan out...

Oh well, guess I can always fall back on running away to the circus.

Oh Lord

Mar. 22nd, 2007 02:56 pm
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I have got to stop eating bank food. Bank food is the devil. It doesn't like me. I don't particularly enjoy it and it always makes me regret it later. I don't know what their sekrit ingredient is, but even the salad makes me feel icky. I don't know why this lesson has not stuck in my brain by this point, but there it is. Probably the lack of proper pre work food planning. Or really any food planning at all. Meh. Worked on homework there, but saved it to their drive, and didn't export it to anything mine. So there's that work down the drain. Grr. Good thing I type fast. My birthday is this weekend. Party should be totally rad. afaeryschild is planning it all sekrit like. Can't wait to see it. :D Feels like mountains of work for English to go before then. I'm definitely feeling the need for Spring Break. Even if it's not all that breaky, I'll not have to leave at night, so maybe fun will happen! Hooray!

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I'm super excited! Partly because the images from Cavalli and Gucci's runways don't totally suck, and partly because they both used super deep red lipstick on their models! Which I totally love, and can totally never find! So now, sometime in the future... according to the trickle down theory of fashion...I will be able to find a super awesome super cheap tube/tub/stick/pot/sampler of super awesome berry/wine lipstick at like Longs/Walgreens/Target in the next couple months/years! Hurray! 
 Gucci Cavalli


Feb. 15th, 2007 04:26 pm
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Just when I get fed up with myself and go all emo 'blah blah, I suck at writing boohoohoo', I get the urge to write something. And I feel like maybe, just maybe I don't suck. But it's inconveinent as hell, because, really I should be finishing my English journals. At least they are almost done.
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So, my first week of school comes sort of to a middle. I've been to all but one of my classes and it's dawned on me what exactly I signed up and payed money for. I won't lie. It's sort of just a bit terrifying. Especially with work right now. (Apparently 40h + 36h = 76h) I'm not taking math this semester, but if I was, I'd automatically pass for figuring out that equation. Alternatively expressed, it's something like (full time job + full time student = when the hell am I going to sleep and like shower and stuff?). My job isn't mentally demanding or anything, I mean how hard is it to shove paper into folders? It's tedious and destroys your hands and makes your soul weep at the little metal tongie things that hold things in folders. And two hole punches make me weep on sight. But otherwise, not that bad. It just takes time. Like it's really more than forty hours because the soul sucking bastards make me take an hour for lunch and like apparently expect me to do basic hygiene in the mornings, which takes at least half an hour, if I really really hurry. So now I'm hiding in the 'telephone room' to get some privacy to do homework without people asking 'hey, what you doing?' And then I'm all like 'homework' hoping the look on my face says, 'no offense but GTFO and STFU.' With my luck it probably translates, 'I just ate at the cafeteria and have to go to the bathroom.' *Shrug* Oh well. My classes, in direct contrast to my job are awesome. Wicked crazy challenging, but totally awesome. Thank God I pay for the school, and not the job. Although, really I'm getting a great deal right now, thanks to the bone crunching poverty of 2005. Never really thought I'd be so darned thankful for a lousy fiscal period. But it certainly worked out this time. At least, barring unforseen stuff. But it's as of yet unforseen, so I'm going to attempt positive belief. (English teachers make me lol).


Dec. 22nd, 2006 07:52 am
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Today, I'm leaving on a jet plane back to my Cali and my family. I get to be in their glorious (if insane) presence for five days. And then back to the land of the abominable ice yetis. For a week. Then, this Cali girl is moving home. It's exciting no? The excitement was so endorphin giving, I actuallly managed to not freak out yesterday about the inches of snow that fell throughout the day. Instead I called everyone and let them share in my cheesy Christmas song reworks. Most of them involved snow, driving and my arrival time at the airport. I was humoured in my extreme and unabated joy. I don't think I've ever looked forward to the holidays this much, at least not since I was very young and only mildly cynical. I haven't packed and really, I don't have any shopping done :o But I'm still thrilled. And bopping around to Blue October and the five Christmas songs I have languishing on my itunes.

I wish all of you and all of yours a very merry holiday!
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This morning felt like it should be a sin. I luxuriated in bed till the heavenly hour of 5:30. It would have been even better if I had plopped my self into bed before eleven last night. But alas, I was too busy having wild and crazy fun... running around Silithus killing anything in our path with my guildmates (Except for the really large Anubis looking fellow that takes 40 men, women or men dressed as womanly nightelfs to kill, that one sort of trampled us to death as our stalwart band of five was not enough to bloody his nose) and watching the replay of the Librarian 2: Return to King Solomon's Mines, a wholly enjoyable romp of no real historical merit. I'm pretty sure the Bible is silent on the subject of King Solomon's awesome powers over space and time and his massive army of the undead somewhat resembling Casper with attitude, somewhere in the vicinity of Kenya. The visual effects are not stellar, but it adds to the charm. Who wouldn't love a movie that is a cross between Tomb Raider/Indiana Jones/The Mummy with the adorably bumbling Noah Wyle gracing the screen? If you are one of those, well I don't care. I liked it.

What also made this morning particularly lovely was the lack of disturbing dreams that had plagued me all weekend. Apparently my subconscious mind is in turmoil over the sad sad state of Hollywood couples. It's tiring to try and beg Britney and KFed to work it out. Please, please think of the children! Although I suppose if they were really thinking of the children, they'd ask Angelina and Brad to adopt them, or use the book of King Solomon to go back in time and never ever think of getting on the train wreck that is/was their so-called relationship. My brain is a scary place.
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This weekend should prove to be one full of epic gaming and much sleeping. If I'm not too bummed out about having to wait till December to fly home to Cali. Why can't I go now?! *whinge*

I really want a dog. I miss having all that unconditional luv wrapped up in a leetle ball of fluff. I also miss having people to go to movies with. And who laugh at my jokes. And who are unfazed by a bundle of flying Mira flying at them at full speed, giving kamikaze death hugs. It's not even about the holidays. I just miss my family. Gramma is family, but she's gone too. I miss people I know and that know me. Or at least a kindred spirit or three. The formerly creepy staring guy and I are now buddies of a sort. He's almost a kindred spirit. But I don't know him well enough to know if he is.

This day is lasting far too long. I want to go home and take a nap. This place sucks. I need to figure out a new job or a new life or something. I didn't think this would be so soul sucking. If I was home, at least I'd have the weekends to buoy my spirits and refresh me. I've done a lot of growing up, but right now, I just want my mom.
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Friday was odd. I found a stray dog when I got home from work. She was just laying on the neighbor's front lawn, which seemed odd, given how cold it was and the lack of any sort of leash. I knocked on the door, to make sure she wasn't theirs (and ask why the heck they left her outside if she was... politely of course). She wasn't though, she'd been there most of the day... disappearing when they tried to get closer. I used the patented, make yourself as small and non-threatening as possible approach and letting her sniff my hand and talking to her nicely. She didn't growl or make any aggressive moves and her poor paw and back legs seemed hurt. I checked for tags but no such luck, even though she was clipped and wearing a collar and a halloweenkerchief. I bundled her in a towel and gave her a bit of food and popped her in the car. I drove her to the police station, because the shelter was apparently closed for the holiday. A very nice fella, came and picked her up for the vets. I hope she'll be okay. :( She was totally a sweetheart. I hope she just ran away... if someone abandoned her, well grr.
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(and all things inky)

My car froze. I was late to work because I had to wait for my former car, current ice cube, to become defrosted. I drove about a block before I realised that it was just stupid to try to drive with that much ice on the window. I had to wait it out in the parking lot of the LDS Parking lot. Therefore, as of now snow is now not the onliest enemy of the Mira state of wellbeing and general peace. Apparently frost/ice/pure concentrated frozen evil has decided to join the fray. (not the band from Englandia) This enemy is a clear and present danger and must be stopped! Someone build me and anti-precipitation gun with heat ray capability. Or an electric blanket boogaloo. Heck, get out some aerosol hair spray and get to work on helping with that global warming thing. How much help do you think a blow torch would be??? 

Oh well. From what I hear, it's called weather... winter weather. (even though it's still fall!) I guess I'll just have to live with it. Even if I don't like it. I'm such a snowbaby... and not in the cute animated sort of way either. LOL.
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I was reading July's PC Magazine, (hooray for random magazines in the breakroom may they save us from boredom and death) and came across an article about MySpace. Now, I am of the opinion that MySpace is a festering hellspawn of sadistic proportions (I signed up in a fit of madness, but never could remember my password and well... I don't think I wanted to either)... The things I observed in my brief sojourn there make me shudder. It's like AOL and the Devil had a very loud and terrifying child. And he owns your soul. Anyways, it was there and I was bored and terribly curious about what it might have to say. I'm so glad I read it. I still hate MySpace. But I discovered pure bibliophile crack... LibraryThing! Online cataloguing of all the books I own! It kicks all kinds of ass! Also, for $25 dollars I can list all the books I want, forever! And for just $15 I can get my own barcode scanner and go to town! It even has a mobile search function, which if I can figure out means never having to stand in a bookstore, wondering if I have the book already or not! Also, it's hooked up by some mystical, perhaps magical means, to Amazon.com and the Library of Congress and has links to book trading sites.

*does dorky book nerd danse of joy*


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