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Happy Autumn, I guess the fog didn't eat me after all. Thankfully they weren't lying about the sun showing up at this point in the year, since it was so totally absent all summer. 

Trying to get over the yearly bout of bronchitis, which is hard when people are doing their best to reinfect you with some fresh new viral thingie. Jerks.

Watched Highlander 2 with the brother and the roomie. It was fun. I love Sean Connery and man do I love Highlander. All that cheesy gorgeous goodness. And swords!

The last time I had the energy/time to clean/organize the bookcase damn near collapsed on me being cheap and from Le Target. All the books we own are in the Barrister Case and stacked along the wall, by the door, under the coffee table... behind the chaise... Luckily there is a shelfie thing that runs along the walls, so it almost looks intentional, or it would if it was in some kind of order.

I want to do fun things again. Like cook meals. Or organize all the books, put together the new crappy bookcase from Le Target, organize the awesome vintage filing cabinet that is currently the holder of all loose paper and every cord to every device I and roomie have ever owned. I would love to learn upholstery and reupholster the chaise lounge to be more like this chair...
wooly telephone table
The seafoam green brocade has seen better days.

Design blogs are only a small part of my problem. I've always liked interior design/DIY stuff, but lack any sort of practical skills with which to begin any kind of crafty/practical project. Then I started watching Sarah's House and now I think everything should be bought old and crappy and then refinished/reupholstered to new hawtness. To be fair, this is my natural inclination anyhow. Most of the furniture in the apartment was purchased pre-loved with the exception of two little cabinet tables, a bench, the bookcase, and the mattresses on the beds. Then there's the rest of the furniture... all thrift/craigslist/antique/handed down stuff. This took many trips in vans and trucks... strange people and strange journeys. I love quirky old furniture. But since I'm not that handy and I don't have a lot of time, it's usually in decent condition. I'll try and post pics of the best bits at a later time.

A couple of weeks ago, I picked up a broken lamp off the side of the road, carried it around at school all day and then brought it home. It was dirty, unwieldy and made people think I was walkin' around carrying a hookah. But I was irrationally in love with it. (I hope I don't do this when I find a man. ) When am I going to have time to rewire this thing? 
the lamp
I have no idea... Besides, the lamp is in line behind the armoire with no doors (and a penny super glued to the side for extra character), the bookcase assemblage, and various other tiny projects like buying tiny feet for all the metal legged furniture now attempting to leave tiny rust spots on the carpet. Oh and the rogue toilet that needs to have the bolt that keeps it from trying to throw you off it and steady on the floor tightened. There has to be a better solution than covering them in little bags. Oh and I'd really love to redo the floors and paint the walls. That's more of a time/money/renter dilemma but still. 
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