Sep. 8th, 2009 12:15 pm
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Today is the end of the first furlough weekend of the abbreviated school year. Oh yeah, this semester is truncated, decapitated, castrated, shortened by something like three weeks. Blech. So, while classes have been gutted and a score of students unceremoniously dumped on their butts, denied access to classes, denied financial aid because they have been denied classes and basically fraudulently offered an education that the school is patently unequipped to provide to them due to having over-enrolled and underprovided for said enrollment the state's jails are receiving more money (than education) and they're trying to close state park. We are nearly dead last in education as a state. This is ridiculous. This is criminal. The people that are more interested in jails than schools should spend some time in... well I can't decide if jail or school is a worse punishment here.

Oh well, barring complete closure of the entire system next semester for which they would surely provide nothing other than a polite 'fuck you' probably the first day of classes, without giving any aid in transferring or anything, based on their previous track record of being totally stupid about communicating vital information in a timely fashion.

The worst part is that I really do have some fantastic teachers, although I know that they really lost a lot of great instructors in the big cuts they made over the summer (also a couple stinkers buahaha). And while many teachers are doing their best to get as many students in as they can, they are hampered by our total physical capacity and the sheer reality of too many butts and not enough chairs. It's a giant game of chicken for some, as they wait for the other person to blink and drop the class. They should make a reality show, it's already like one.

I gotta go study, play rock band and try and make up for the gaps in my education.


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