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Today was busy, but for once not in the crazy running to meet an ever changing finish line with no end in sight kind of way. Instead we got to run down to the tea shop and get a nice long talk with scones and teeny sandwiches and pop into Anthropologie for a looksie which resulted in me actually purchasing a top, which looks great. After, we took advantage of being down here for the weekend and stopped at the Target nearby. We don't really have one close to home so it is always an epic trip when we finally manage to get down to one. EPIC. Picked up some storage stuff and some dishtowels, the dishtowels being extraordinarily exciting when you've run out of  them due to various unforseen dishtowel tragedies. First the vacuum birthday gift excitement, now the dishtowels... my life is so thrilling I put James Bond to shame. I was all dressed up for going out to tea of course as was roomie and so the trip, which took a bit and included much walking around the massive Tar-jay was also an excercise in how well we could handle our fancy shoes in the endurance portion of the day. We got the chance to do fun student things like free laundry and more laundry. Roomie went with the fam to see the movie about the rodent spy abominations. I couldn't bring myself to go, as I have a minor fear of rodents in general and whatever those freaky googley eyed things in the movie were in specific. Ugh. After the epic shopping trip there was dinner and then some general falderal around the house, which was much more easily accomplished once I was wearing sweats and not the heels of shopping doom. I still love them all three inches of patent leather peep toe heels.

Friday we got word that things are moving again with the school budget issues, not far, not fast but hopefully we still will have the werewithall to get through it all. They posted the new schedules and by August much of the limbo-tastic tomfoollery will be resolved. *knock on wood* We're moving furniture around the apartment again, trying to come up with workable solutions for such a small space and two stress bunny students and the small dog bent on driving them nuts as the other dogs incite him to eternally bark his poor little heart out. This has moved things around quite a bit, which I'm liking so far, though I'll like it better once the storage issues are resolved. Yay Target! <3 One set of neighbors has been moving out and that has not been helping the yipping dilemma especially given how riled up all the other dogs are.

Meanwhile, this weekend has been not very good for sleeping? Gonna go give it the old college try...
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