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We got a Sprinkles sort of close by and now we are having a minor coming of the cupcake-opolis. And I now know that I adore Red Velvet cake and I have a small minor tiny speck of understanding for that Armadillo Groom cake from "Steel Magnolias" you know the one? Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we managed to turn in papers for one of our online classes relatively quickly, quite the feat given just how little actual sleep has been happening (gosh darn mental rodeo clowns). Brains need to be quiet sometimes yeah? I think that if my paper had been a game of crazy disconnected American Government themed SAT word Scrabble, I would have won. A lot. I do not know what my damage is that when I'm completely exhausted I revert to language so completely complicated. Just now I wanted to use some fuzzy fancy schmancy word there! It's a disease! And the worst part is that once I started in on the long words for the paper, I couldn't stop. I sort of wanted to stop, I mean there's no real added value in making it harder to read...though it may have been a subconscious streak of vindictiveness against the regime of confusion that we labour under for this class. Also, the book... I've read more exciting descriptions of paint peeling. For the last reading assignment terrible British accents were necessary to fool the brains into listening and accepting the information. The worst part is that it is mostly duh stuff. But, because of the way the teacher has structured the quizzes and assignments, careful reading of the text is absolutely necessary, because the questions are sort of weaving treacherously in and out of logical sense like *insert cautionary reckless celebrity here* in traffic. Also, I worried that I was using too much of the phrasing of the book and the eventual foray into wiki-oogle to answer the questions precisely as she wants them (complete with current sources). As the paper continued, my word choice got more and more Rube Goldbergian, in the struggle to avoid even the appearance of plagiarism. A teacher once told me that a sure fire way to find a cheater is when the voice and word choices don't match within the text of the paper, which contributed to the irrational way in which I clung to the idiotic overly verbose manner in which I could not stop writing. How many times do you really need to use the word "necessitated" in one paper? Frankly, I did not have the time to rewrite it with a less confusing writing style, so I just stuck to the crazy complicated Family Circle Method*tm to get to my points. I did learn something that I hadn't known before, which is that under the Articles of Confederation.... Canada was totally invited to join up whenever they wanted. So that would have been a way different country had they taken us up on it. It has been a super long week. I've been working on the most boring filing job I have had to do in a dog's age (thanks part time availability! *kiss kiss*) and spending time being stressed and sleepless. I interviewed for a work-study on Monday. I didn't hear back, so I'll just assume that the third interview was not the charm and move on to looking for something else. Then this boring obvio assignment on stuff I've known for a looong time. No wonder politicians are crooks... at least it makes the process of government somewhat interesting! Meh, that's perhaps unfair to crooks. And to the government. Really I mostly blame the book.

On Saturday mornings I generally resemble in some small way some poor befuddled denizen of the wild, what with my fuzzy hair, smudged eye makeup, and the curious skittish demeanor exhibited as I emerge from the protracted hibernation induced by 'oh thank you sweet fluffy cupcake king, it is the weekend' euphoria. Despite this slight resemblance, I am not the type of girl to be all like down and dirty with the, um down and dirty critters. So, upon a victory walk to the Bell of the Taco... (mmm celebration post homework tacos, is anything sweeter?) we encountered a big fat raccoon. It apparently is living in the storm drains. From a cohabitation save the planet and all the animals stand point it is fascinating that they've figured out how to coexist with humans. But I saw "Over the Hedge". I wonder what is down there? I mean is it a nice comfy raccoon pad, complete with digital cable and killer wifi? Is the raccoon poaching wireless? Has he seen the ninja cat video on youtube? Fortunately we had DasGoob with us and he's tall.. so yeah. He protected our ankles from rabid, youtube watching raccoons.... then I realised that they are in the storm drains, using them as little raccoon roads, they could follow us and we would never know! So [livejournal.com profile] teaandauguries  though that it was following me... so I'm looking forward to the dreams filled with shadow society shinobi raccoons stalking me through the storm drains. I wonder if they know Michaelangelo and his friends? Do they order pizza down there? Hmm... I'm gonna go check the back door lock again. I hope the ninja turtles know about your creepy habits raccoon!

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