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I hate shoes. They all hurt, most of them give me blisters. I mean they are pretty, sometimes. But I really wanted to try out these. I mean, going really barefoot just seems dumb. But simulated barefeet? When I was little they practically had to force me to wear shoes. Especially in summer. I've only recently stopped wearing sandals everywhere.

Also, adding on to my list of 'things I want in a place I may someday live' --ducks!

Apparently sunshine, grass and trees all add up to one thing in my brain, DUCKS! Picture incomplete without them. I focus on ducks because there are so many of them where any of them are, but all waterfowl except for geese really fall in this completion of natural beauty in my head. Geese sadly are generally included, but are the degenerates of their waterfowl brethren, forming rabid gangs of feces producing muscleheads that scare small children and chase joggers down the bike paths.

These opinions probably stem from spending much of my park going, outdoors expectation forming years going to the same park for birthday parties, church functions, family barbecues and then for about a decade living a block away from said park, passing it nearly every day, so that it was merely moments away from a relaxing walk down the trails past the creek to the lake and up to the reservoir and back. There were many ducks... I did not realise how deeply this park had impacted my expectations and how evocative of home the sound of running water and ducks were of that feeling. Ducks usually live near water, and places with creeks and lakes usually have trails to walk and parks to ramble in. And though I'm no outdoorswoman, I do appreciate a stroll near a body of water accompanied by the sounds of waterfowl, shaded by the branches of trees. Hopefully barefoot!
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