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...And aged approximately five, don't tell livejournal! I am geeking out! Backstory is that there is this guy named David Eggers who I've never heard of before, but he like wrote some books and stuff. Yeah, let me know if this is the equivalent of looking up and saying 'hey, that thing up there, what is it? It's sooo blue!'

"Eggers currently teaches writing in San Francisco at 826 Valencia, a nonprofit tutoring center and writing school for children that he cofounded in 2002. Eggers has recruited volunteers to operate similar programs in Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle, Chicago, and Ann Arbor, Michigan, all under the auspices of the nonprofit organization 826 National."

Right, so that's cool, kids learning how to write, and not only to write, but to engage them, at least hopefully. And to be honest, IF I Were a kid, I would totally be engaged on multiple levels. Hell, I practically want to sign myself up! Each branch of 826 has a totally cool theme and they seem to really be pulling out all of the stops on the storefronts!

Check out these links and geek out with me!

The first three are arguably the awesomest. Tho really they are all pretty cool.

Tour the Time Travel Store! Seriously this one is sooo cool!
Robot Milk!

Take a tour through the Boring Not!Spy Store! This one too!
the Boring store
New York Superhero supply!

San Francisco Pirate Supply Site

Space Travel Supply in Seattle!

Bigfoot Cryptozoology Store! <--in Boston![personal profile] liz_marcs!

Michigan Monster Union Local, not quite as cool, don't know that they have a showy front like the others

Learn more about the organisation

So it is pretty awesome to see what is being done. I think every kid needs something this wicked awesome. (I wish I'd had something this sweet growing up!)
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