May. 14th, 2008

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first off, this semester is about two weeks too long. end. srsly. I have a bunch of big bottomed comprehensive finals next week, and at least two more opportunities to speak in public...studying for finals will not compel me to begin openly weeping during the final speech... I mean that was high school public speaking.

my finals strategy: coffee with just enough kahlua to keep me from freaking out. much more coffee than kahlua. i'm trying to hit the optimum programming level alcohol buzz. mindless sorting, data structure tasks while i try and compose the speech structure in the background of my mind. water. minesweeper... i'm terrible at it. sleeping. sometimes. confronting annoyances, or avoiding them as required. with a mix of musical channels that ends up sounding like a brain slowly finding its way into a puddle of molassesey goo. i have no idea how it does it. how a mix of songs can combine like a train wreck and make me feel something like sanity. movies that fit the slow deterioration of my brain... last week it was bbc miniseries week. wives and daughters, north and south(gaskill, not about america), half of the aristocrats (the miniseries not the comedian documentary). jane austen wasn't on the menu. i can't explain it, just like i can't explain that we have had proof  starring gwyneth paltrow lined up for watching sometime during the final meltdown of finals studying and have been waiting to watch it there for the last two weeks. it isn't time yet. tonight was stranger than fiction. also, i eat a lot of weird food. it's a hilarious time when i have been known to be sekritively eating like a stereotypical pregnant woman or dawn from btvs. last semester i wanted ice cream, chocolate chip cookie dough with cream cheese and cranberry sauce on top. so far, i've resisted the urge to throw random veggies and truffle oil into a pan with kidney beans and apricot jam and sauteeing the whole mess. but only because i'm too tired to cook.

if you have not seen stranger than fiction. go now. it's one of my favourite movies of all time. pitch perfect.
also, north and south sort of kicks the arse of pride and prejudice. i don't love p&p any less, i just love north and south more.

ok. finished writing tomorrow's speech. haahaaa... it should be good.

meanwhile, aliens found for me by [profile] teaandauguries


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